Our Methods

By raising awareness and uniting Christians here in the U.S.A. with the work God is doing throughout the world, we believe we benefit not only the ministry work taking place globally but local bodies of believers as well. We believe the body of Christ is built up and strengthened through active participation (praying, giving, and going) in Great Commission work. We plan regular short-term missions trips to wherever God leads so that people can become actively engaged and experience first-hand the amazing ministry work going on around the world.

Our Strategy

Our aim is to raise the awareness of people here to the physical and spiritual needs of people around the world, and to highlight the work of God in meeting those needs. In turn, this will hopefully lead to increased support for our missions work through hands-on ministry, prayer, and financial support. As we work together to grow the various ministries we are involved with globally, we contribute to the furtherance of the Gospel in spiritually hungry parts of the world.